In recent years, Turkish machinery industry growth rates are much higher than growth rates of Turkey’s overall economy and industry. With its rapid development and the potential it has, the Turkish Machinery industry is a sector increasing its share in the Turkish exports. Machinery is the second largest sector in Turkey’s export. 

In 2022, Turkey’s machinery exports reached $ 25.5 billion. Machinery sector contributed 10 percent of Turkey's total exports.

Over the last 22 years, machinery export has increased 17-fold. More than 200 countries around the world use Turkish machines. The percentage of Turkish machines exported to USA and EU countries is 60. Machines come first in products that Germany and USA import from Turkey. 

Turkey is the sixth-largest machine manufacturer in Europe, ranked 26th in the global machinery trade in 2022. 

Turkish machinery sector attaches great importance to R&D activities. In Turkey, the ratio of R&D expenditure to GNP keeps increasing. Turkish Machinery facilitates digital transformation, with expertise in systems engineering.

Advantages of Turkish Machinery Industry

  • Developed engineering skills and quick adaptation to new technologies
  • Sufficient facilities (like industrial zones) and sufficient infrastructure
  • Advanced sub-industry
  • Rapid adaptation to international manufacturing standards
  • Quality awareness
  • Specialized, highly educated and skilled middle and senior managers
  • Young workforce
  • Domestic supply of raw materials
  • Flexible structure of SMEs (Most of the companies in the machine manufacturing industry in Turkey are SMEs)
  • High level organization of the sector
  • Geographical proximity to some of the highest growth markets in machinery

Annual Growth Rates of Turkish Machinery Exports


Source: TurkStat

Top Ten Product Groups in Machinery Export of Turkey (2022, Million $)

Source: TurkStat

Machinery and Accessories Export of Turkey by Sub-Sectors

Source: TurkStat